News 2011


Relocation of the branch office in Schleswig-Holstein

The branch office in Schleswig-Holstein has moved to new premises. In the inspiring heritage building with view to the Flensburg Firth, we continue to manage our projects in best quality.
From now on we can be contacted in Flensburg as well. The new address and contact numbers of the offices are:

Büro StadtVerkehr - B.U.P.
Schiffbrückstraße 8
24937 Flensburg, Germany

Fon: +0049 (0) 461 / 168 460-78 and -79
Fax: +0049 (0) 461 / 168 460-77

The known communication data in Karby still exist as home office of Dr.-Ing. Rainer Hamann.

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New contact numbers of the headquarters in Hilden

Since 29th of May our headquarters in Hilden can be contacted by calling new telephonenumbers (the faxnumber also changed):

phone: 02103 91159-0

fax: 02103 91159-22

Furthermore, the staff of B.U.P. can now be reached directly by using the direct dialing-in number, which can be found under the heading team.

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Positive results of the

Environment Minister Dr. Julie Hull, the Mayor of Kiel, Peter Todeskino, the general manager of the PENDLER PORTAL operating company, Frank Dalock, and project manager Dr. Rainer Hamann from Büro StadtVerkehr - B.U.P. presented the result of the communication campaign on the 10th of March.

The aim was to make the Internet portal especially known for commuters. Environment Minister Dr. Julie Hull said: "The communication campaign has received much response. Today
, more people than ever know and use the COMMUTER PORTAL. Even compared with other regions the PENDLER PORTAL Schleswig-Holstein in all areas grew significantly faster than the others. This is a success for the PENDLER PORTAL - and our climate. "

Mayor Todeskino was also delighted: "The PENDLER PORTAL is moving. About 60 percent more searches witin the campaign period are the result of the success of our advertising. "

The advertising campaign for the "PENDLER PORTAL" was supported by the Ministry, as well as by the districts, cities and municipalities
of Schleswig-Holstein.
Contact person: Rainer Hamann

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Visit of Iraqi delegation

An Iraqi delegation visited our office in Hilden between the 14th and the 21st of February.

The five officials from the Iraqi Ministry of Municipality and Public Works, took place in meetings and discussions about three projects in Iraq, the office is currently working on (The development of master plans for the cities Huria and Abbassia, the structural plan of Holy Najaf Governorate and the structural plan of Wasit Governorate).

The visit was very helpful for the working process.

Contact person: Niran Banna

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Structural Plan for Wasit Governorate

The Iraqi Engineering consultancy ADEC and German Consultancy B.U.P. have been selected to prepare the Structural Plan of Wasit Governorate.

The Structural plan is based on a long-term planning horizon and describes regional planning targets as well as the urban and regional development for the future.

Wasit Governorate has an estimated population of over 1 million in the year 2007 and has a total area of 17.153 km², which are 3, 9% of the total area of Iraq. The Governorate comprises 17 administrative units, 11 counties, and 6 districts.

It is the second project of its kind for B.U.P. and is estimated to be finished in July 2012.

Contact person: Niran Banna



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