Office Equipment

B.U.P. features modern technical equipment and software. This involves...

Office equipment

Technical Equipment

  • Linked CAD/PC Work Stations of lastest technical standards
  • DIN-A0 Plotter
  • Color Laser Printer (DIN-A4 und A3)
  • Video Beamer
  • Data Exchange via DSL


  • AutoCAD 2004 til 2010 and AutoCad 3D Civil
  • VESTRACAD 20009 by AKG GmbH
  • Data processing software to calculate the capacity and transport qualityz of traffic facilities, based on the calculation methods of the " Handbuch zur Bemessung von Straßenverkehrsanlagen HBS 2001"
  • PSV 6.0 (traffic computer simulation softwar for motorized individual traffic (MIT) and public transport
  • SIM-TRAFFIC (micro simulation for road traffic )
  • Microsoft Project
  • General Office Software (Word, Excel, Access etc.)
  • Graphics Software (Adobe Photoshop, Corel-Draw etc.)
  • Internet Programming (Netobjects)