Transportation Concepts

Integrated Traffic Surveys and Concepts

  • traffic development designs and concepts
  • determination of traffic volumes of planned construction projects and utilizations as well as compatibility analysis
  • sectoral and integrated traffic analysis and concepts
  • mobility management and marketing
  • concepts for recreation and tourism related traffic

Public Transport

  • process and evaluation of passanger counts and interviews/surveys
  • updating of transit plans and public transport concepts
  • compilation of IT-based passanger projections in public transport
  • operational concepts and time-table developments
  • compilation of economic feasability studies and standardised evaluations of public transport and railway systems
  • planning and implementation of demand-oriented public transport supplies
  • marketing and public relations in public transport
  • Improvement concepts for student related traffic
  • planning of connections points in public transport (e.g. railway-stations, metro-stations, interchange squares, central bus stations, plazas)

Non-motorized Traffic (Cyclists and Pedestrians)

  • analysis of generated bicycle traffic
  • bycicle path network planning
  • design and implementation of parking facilities for bikes
  • footpath network planning and concepts for school way safety

Motorized Individual Traffic (MIT)

  • junction and traffic counts
  • Analysis of stationary traffic
  • network concepts and feasibility studies
  • development of software-based MIT traffic models
  • capacity evaluations, as well as compatibility analysis
  • micro-scale simulations of traffic flows by using the software SIM-Traffic

Public Relations and Moderation

  • moderation and organization of public planning workshops
  • brochures, folders and layouts of public-oriented material for planning projects
  • design of project related internet platforms

Mobility Management

  • analysis, treatment options, PR/activities, processing
  • design and maintenance of project related internet platforms and websites
  • mobility management for private companies
    B.U.P has invented a standardized mobility management concept:
    MUSIMBA - "Mobil.Umweltfreundlich.Sicher. im Betrieb ankommen"