Transportation Concepts



  • Road Design Concept "Al Rasheed Street", Baghdad, Iraq (since 2011)
  • "Pedestrian Trails"-Concept for five districts in Kiel, Germany (since 2011)
    in cooperation with GEKaPLAN, Bremen
  • Transport Concept and Traffic Model for Ratingen-Lintorf, Germany (2011)
  • Transport Master Plan for Trier-West (2009-2010)
    in cooperation with Stadt- und Regionalplanung Dr. Jansen GmbH, Cologne
  • Light Railway Concept for the holy city of Kufa, Najaf Governorate, Iraq (2009)
  • Integrated Transport Concept for the cities Najaf & Kufa, Iraq (2009)
  • Intercommunal Transport Concept for Herten-Westhold & Gelsenkirchen-Polsum (2008-2010)
    in cooperation with Stadt- und Regionalplanung Dr. Jansen GmbH, Cologne
  • Shared Space Concept Breitenrainplatz, Bern, Switzerland (2007)
  • Traffic Concept for the city of Chemnitz, Germany
    in cooperation with Czock Ingenieure, Düsseldorf

Studies & Reports


  • Mobility Management for 3 Companies, Hilden, Germany (since 2011)
  • Quality Report on Public Transport System (SSB), Stuttgart, Germany (2011)
    in cooperation with SCR Schreckenberg Consulting & Research, Hagen
  • Public Transport Report for the relocation of a Bus Stop in Bergheim, Germany (2009-2010)
  • Feasibility Study for the construction of a Station in Overath, Germany (since 2010)
  • Transport Report for the inner city of Rhede, Germany
  • Feasibility Study: "Comeback of the Island-Railway", Sylt, Germany (2008)
  • Transport Study for Kelkheim-Mitte, Germany



  • Public Transport Model for Transport Association Westpfalz, Germany
  • Transport Model for Ratingen-Lintorf, Germany
  • Public Transport & MIT-Model for holy Najaf Governorate, Iraq
  • Public Transport & MIT-Model for the holy city of Kufa, Iraq
  • Traffic Model for the city of Wuppertal, Germany