Urban & Regional Planning

Urban Development and Urban Land-Use Planning

  • urban development concepts and urban design expertises
  • land-use planning
  • preparatory land-use planning
  • moderation and attendence of public and planning workshops
  • concepts and master plans for the development of cities and rural areas

Regional Development and Planning

  • regional development concepts
  • land-use planning
  • environmental surveys
  • GIS analysis and development of development strategies
  • transportation network planning
  • concepts and regional plans

Demography and Social Infrastructure

  • infrastructure and population development projections
  • demography reports
  • analysis of social environments (city and district level)
  • creation of GIS-based models on urban development
  • moderation and attendance of public workshops

Design of Public Space and Road Space Design

  • feasibility studies
  • landscape design and open space planning
  • visualization of open space and road spaces
  • road space beautification planning
  • public relations

Railway Station Surroundings

  • urban framework plans and surveys
  • utilization concepts
  • examination of dispensability of railway areas
  • project coordination and management of converting and upgrading measurements for railway station installations, plazas, squares and buildings
  • applications for fundings
  • public relations

Public Relations and Moderation

  • moderation and organization of public planning workshops
  • brochues, folders and layouts of public-oriented material for planning projects
  • design of project related internet platforms