Traffic Planning

Preliminary Design to Implementation Planning for the following Transport Facilities

  • urban and main roads
  • railway station surroundings
  • road accompanying and separate bicycle lanes
  • parking spaces incl. Park+Ride and Bike+Ride facilities
  • modernization and re-design of signal controlled roads and installations, as well as signal control frequences

Projectmanagement and -controlling of Planning Services

  • public relations and public participation
  • moderation of planning processes
  • cost calculations
  • project management of expert planners
  • grant applications
  • management and supervision (construction site management)

Preliminary Design to Implementation Planning for Public Transport Facilities

  • bus stops
  • central bus stations
  • track systems for commuter railways and light railways
  • improvement concepts for public transport systems

Planning of Public Infrastructure Facilities (Residential, Business and Commercial)

  • planning and design of infrastructure facilities (residential, business and commercial)
  • planning and design of public supply and disposal facilities
  • design and planning of roads
  • coordination and planning arrangements of all public and private utilities
  • planning and design of traffic calming zones, connection to classified roads incl. determination of transfer fees
  • cost calculations and feasability studies
  • procedures relating to permissions according to laws and regulations