Bureau Urban and Regional Planning

About us

Based on longtime experience Bureau Urban and Regional Planning mainly operates in implementing projects referring to the sectors of transport and urban planning. The work of B.U.P. is based on an integrated approach relating to modern urban development,  design of road spaces as well as demanding transport planning and management.

B.U.P. operates within an international, multi-disciplinary team, which is mainly working on subjects of urban and transport planning. Therefore, all projects are developed in an integrated and communicative way, according to the individual definitions and requirements.

On-site presence, the organization and management of coordination processes, as well as the practice-oriented development, are the quintessece of our planning philosophy.

According to these principles, Dipl.-Ing. Jean-Marc Stuhm, the managing director of B.U.P. , has already attended and developed more than 100 projects throughout his professional career.

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